Why Seniors Need to be Mindful of STDs

STDs Are No Longer a Concern Just For Young People

Baby Boomers have definitely changed the face of being a senior citizen in the current day and age. They are healthier, stronger, and more active than people their age have been in previous generations. Much of the change can be attributed to improved mental and physical healthcare and a renewed outlook on aging. Reaching middle age is no longer cause to stop living life to the fullest. It’s unsurprising they are the most sexually active older generation thus far, which is just another way our current older generation is making the most of life. In fact, it is estimated that 80% of people aged 50 to 90 are sexually active.

Why Seniors Need to be Mindful of STDs

Because sex is becoming less taboo than ever for older people, it is important that, no matter their age, all sexually active people learn how to keep themselves safe from sexually transmitted diseases. In generations past, sexual health was often not talked about past middle age, and it is important to remember that overall senior health does still include safe sex.

What can people younger and older alike do to keep themselves safe and reduce the likelihood of facing the risks of STDs? Education is important. Anyone who is sexually active needs to stay up to date on new developments concerning the best ways to protect against infection. In addition to practicing safe sex, it is important to seek treatment for any issues. Though sometimes embarrassing, getting treatment for an STD or testing after unprotected sex can keep a person from having larger issues later on.

It is important that post-menopausal women remember that even though they may not be able to become pregnant, they are just as easily able to contract STDs than ever. The same is true for men, even though they do not go through menopause. Anyone sexually active and not in a totally monogamous relationship where both parties have been tested should use protection, such as a condom, regardless of age.

Likewise, annual check-ups with an urologist or gynecologist are important for those who are sexually active. Even if nothing is obviously wrong, check-ups can still catch asymptomatic problems. It is also important that even a small suspicion that there might be a problem should be good sign to get checked out by a doctor. With more senior citizens sexually active than ever, it is important to continue to take precautions to keep safe at any age.