The Dangers of Social Smoking

A Plea For Smokers

There is no hidden agenda, there is no deception, and there is much too much of concrete, substantial evidence: smoking is a killer. So, we must ask ourselves, why do we continue to do it when we know what the possible and fatal consequences are? There are dangers all around, but there is only so much that an industry can do. This issue is now personal and needs to be stopped at the personal level.

The Dangers of Social Smoking

The dangers of social smoking are out in the open for everyone to see. Smokers are told at doctor’s appointments that they have an increased risk of heart disease vs. those who do not smoke. A warning directly from the Surgeon General is posted on all cigarette packs saying smoking causes life threatening sickness and diseases. Commercials show people with oxygen tanks, and sick and premature babies in the natal intensive care unit, among other personal disabilites to emphasize that smoking will need to problems further on in life. Even if it does not affect you, it might hurt someone you love, for example your unborn baby and the development of his/her little lungs. The personal medical conditions that can come along with smoking are heart and lung diseases and cancers, that can potentially cause organ tranplants and multiple organ failure. Some people end up on breathing tubes for the rest of their life because their lungs are not strong enough, or they end up in wheelchairs for the same reason.

The problem is is that once you start smoking, it becomes a habit, a deadly habit, and quite frankly and unattractive one. Clothes, cars, and homes begin to smell of nothing but smoke, and really there are not enough mints in the world to cover up the chain smoking and the yellowing of the teeth. Nicotine addiction becomes a selfish habit that makes common sense go away, along with the discomfort and other side effects that go along with trying to quit. Unfortunately, the side effects to quitting are so uncomfortable, which makes staying on products like Nicoderm CQ, so difficult for a multi-generation smoker. The sense of withdrawl is not easy to overcome, especially when you have been dependent on the same product for so many years. Smokers need to take a step back and reflect on what smoking is doing to their body. It will only help them down the road.

The cost of being a smoker are quite high financially speaking. A single pack of cigarettes can cost up to five dollars. If you smoke a pack a day, that is thirty-five dollars per week, and when you multiply that by fifty-two weeks, the price of smoking for one full year is $1820. That is almost two thousand dollars per year on something that could potentially end your life, or give you cancer or some terrible disease. The best thing to do is not even start smoking. It could be the thing that prolongs your life.
In order for a smoking cessation to happen, people need to be more strong about the choices they make in life. If you are a smoker, you need to figure out if smoking is only hurting you and not anyone else. Your children and your spouse could hate this habit; so could your co-workers and friends. It is not worth having to step outside every hour to have a smoke. That time adds up and it is time away from the people you love that ends up hurting. The end solution is to do whatever you have to to stop smoking, it’s your life.