Stages of Dementia

There are those which will suffer through dementia is like within their lives. This is a problem in which you will lose not just your memory, but certain cognitive abilities. These problems will not happen overnight. There are certain dementia stages in which you will go through on your way to a full blown problem in which you will have dementia in your life. Understanding all of the stages will help you in being able to get the help that you will need so that you will be able to at least slow the process by which you will slip into full dementia.

Stages of Dementia

The first stage that you will go through is general memory loss. This will include forgetting normal things which may seem small, but taken into consideration everything which is being forgotten, there are many things. This will include forgetting important pieces of information which should be familiar to them like their phone number, names of family members or how to get to their home.

The second stage of dementia is slightly more noticeable. This includes shifts in behavior like not doing household chores or going through the process of forgetting how to talk. These can cause you to have the problem in which you will not be able to communicate exactly what the problem is.

The third stage of dementia is the final stage which you will go through. It is where your muscle tone and brain capacity is seriously deteriorated. You will not be able to talk in coherent sentences anymore and will create entire situations which do not even exist. Paranoia, confusion and fear are highly common ta this stage.

Those caring for people who you might suspect have dementia will need to understand these stages in order to make sure that you are looking for the right things. While there are certain things which can be done in order to slow the progression, it is more about providing comfort and safety once the patient has reached this point. Constant care needs to be administered in order to protect the patient from making fatal decisions.