Smoking Cessation Products

How to Make it Easier to Quit Smoking

New quit-smoking products make it easier to stop. Kicking an addiction to nicotine is hard, but there is help. Smokers have serious physical reactions from withdrawal. The emotional pain is like the upset of losing your best friend. It can cause anxiety, panic, anger, and nervousness.

Smoking Cessation Products

Smart businesses, knowing the difficulty smokers have with quitting, offer smoking cessation products in a variety of methodologies. These are the days of making your quit day easier, and provide help throughout the withdrawal process.

There are three types of products, and each have pros and cons.

  • Products with nicotine, reduced slowly in stair-step fashion, to reduce the overall cravings
  • Options that also contains nicotine, meant to “treat” sudden craving moments.
  • Medications that reduce overall cravings and can be continued for up to 18 weeks

Nicotine Patches

Patches are available in three dosages, each containing a smaller amount of nicotine. Patches provide a 24-hour extended release of nicotine. It is dangerous to smoke while wearing the patch, risking an overdose of nicotine in your system.

Patches should be applied on a hairless spot on your body, between the waist and neck. They should be adhered to a different spot each day, to avoid skin irritation and assure proper release of the full nicotine dose.

One drawback is that a dermal patch can cause bizarre dreams. If dreams are disturbing, the manufacturers recommend removing the patch at night, which does make the morning cravings more prominent.

Nicotine Gum, Mints and Lozenges

Other products are meant to help with sudden cravings.Gum releases nicotine to your mouth, and a small amount enters the bloodstream. Mints and lozenges reward only the mouth for cravings.

Efficacy is in question with gum, mints and lozenges. They are best used in conjunction with other quit smoking products.

Chantix (varencline)

Chantix is a medication and a successful methodology, proven to decrease the chance of relapse. It is available only by prescription. The “starter pack” allows the drug to build up in your system, then reduces cravings on a constant basis.

The risks, side effects and disadvantages of Chantix are disturbing dreams, depression or worsening of depression, and suicidal thoughts. Violent behavior has also been reported. Stay in contact with your doctor to monitor your progress.

Support Groups

Combined with other methods, support groups are extremely helpful to the former smoker. No matter what other quit-smoking method you have chosen, adding a support group increases your chances of success. Sharing your feelings with others in the same phase of quitting allows you to express your emotions and fears.

For group meetings in your city, check with hospitals and health systems. Meetings are usually small groups and held weekly. Online groups can be forums, where members share their feelings and fears. Online forums can be accessed 24/7 and some offer coaches available by phone.


Unless you’ve accepted that you are going to become a non-smoker, none of these products or meetings will help you stop smoking.

The longer you take Chantix, the risks are the same – no step-down in that. Patches can be an issue with skin and bad dreams. Eventually you will have to be without assistance from products or meetings. Keep your mind on the goal and keep your determination throughout the process.