Seniors and the Importance of Oral Health

Why Good Oral Health Is So Vital For Seniors Today

Oral hygiene is an important aspect of senior health because your teeth and gums factor into many of the things that you do each day. Allowing your teeth to rot away or fall out can have consequences that most people do not realize. Here are several reasons why good oral health is so vital for seniors today.

Seniors and the Importance of Oral Health

Oral Health Affects Your Diet

One of the main reason seniors need to maintain good oral health is because it affects what can and cannot be eaten. If you are missing many teeth, suffering from severe tooth decay or in constant pain, then you are less able to eat healthy fresh foods like crisp vegetables. This means you could end up eating a diet of processed foods that negatively impact senior health. This is why it is important to brush, floss and even get false teeth when necessary.

Diabetes and Heart Disease

New information has shown that gum disease can send bacteria into your bloodstream that might trigger the development of different diseases. Gum disease could actually lead to diabetes, stroke or heart disease. The way to prevent this is to take care of your gums and see a dentist at least once a year to prevent gum disease from progressing.

Appearance and Self-Esteem

Missing teeth, stained teeth and other oral health problems can all affect the appearance and self-esteem of seniors. You might begin finding it uncomfortable to smile. Missing teeth can cause your face to start filling in the gaps so that your cheeks become saggy and sunken. If you are missing teeth, then getting dentures can help to restore your smile and prevent unwanted changes to the structure of your face.

Prevent Constant Pain

If seniors allow problems with the teeth and gums to go unaddressed, then the result is likely to be serious pain every day. Your teeth could hurt all day long distracting you from enjoying life. Your teeth could become so sensitive that eating or drinking anything triggers extreme pain that lingers. You can prevent this from occurring by scheduling regular dental checkups so that your teeth are always clean and in good shape.

Speech Issues

A final reason oral health is important for seniors is that it can affect the way you talk. Your teeth are important for forming words and sounds. Damaged or missing teeth can make your speech sound muddy or strange. You want to maintain your natural teeth for as long as possible through checkups, brushing and flossing. If you start to lose teeth, then get partial or full dentures so that you can continue communicating normally.