Reasons for Getting Dentures

Why Many People Today Choose To Get Dentures

The state of your teeth is a big part of senior health since it has an impact on everything from your diet to the type of bacteria in your blood. Dentures are false teeth that are used to replace missing or lost natural teeth. You should understand a few of the reasons why someone would choose to get dentures.

Reasons for Getting Dentures

Tooth Loss

The primary reason that people choose to get dentures today is tooth loss. You might lose one or more teeth to tooth decay. Gum disease could cause all of your teeth to fall out over time. Dentures are a simple and fast way to replace your teeth. They allow you to avoid invasive surgical procedures such as those associated with implants. You can get partial or full dentures from a dentist depending on how many teeth are missing.

Improve Personal Appearance

Tooth decay, bad lifestyle habits and even periodontal disease can all cause permanent staining and pitting on your teeth. Your teeth can start to wear down and take on an irregular shape. A number of people today choose to get dentures in order to improve personal appearance. The damaged teeth are removed in order to make way for the new dentures. Modern dentures have a bright and natural appearance that many people enjoy.

Prevent Facial Changes

If you are missing several teeth, then there is a chance that your face will start to change. The gaps in your teeth can allow your face to start sagging and becoming sunken looking. Some people choose to get dentures in order to stop this from happening. Wearing dentures every day will help to maintain the natural appearance of your face and keep your muscles tight.

Make Speaking and Eating Easier

People who are missing several consecutive teeth often have problems speaking and eating. This can be a real problem when it comes to senior health. The inability to eat normally could cause someone to turn to unhealthy processed foods that can damage the heart over time. A reason that some individuals get dentures is to make speaking and eating easier. The full rows of teeth in the mouth allow the person to function normally at all times.

Avoid Future Problems

A final reason some people get dentures is to avoid future problems. This reason is not as common as the rest. Certain individuals experience chronic problems like constant gum disease and tooth decay. Those people sometimes choose to have all teeth pulled so that dentures can be used. Dentures do make maintaining good oral hygiene much easier. Although this seems extreme, it often does help by removing any chance of future dental problems.