Pollen Allergies – Will an Air Purifier Help?

The majority of people suffering from allergies have a problem with the pollen which is in the air. The body reacts to the inhalation of pollen as if you are inhaling germs and bacteria which need to be fought. This causes your body to generate histamines. As more of these histamines build up, your body will react to the problem and cause you to be in misery.

Pollen Allergies – Will an Air Purifier Help?

The removal of pollen from the air around you will help in reducing the reaction that you are feeling. It is the reason why many who suffer from seasonal allergies will seek the comfort of indoors while they are going through the spring and summer seasons. Of course, even with this, it is possible for you to encounter pollen in the home.

To get rid of the pollen in the home, many have started to turn to air purifiers to get the necessary help. Of course, there are certain portions which are dubious as to whether these will work. In general, they can help to reduce dramatically, but not eliminate the amount of pollen that you will find within the home.

Using the HEPA Filters

The majority of people have heard of the HEPA filter. It is used in vacuum cleaners as well as many air purifiers. It can even be used as a screen used in your air conditioner to remove pollen from the air being circulated throughout your home.

The filter works on a system which used microfibers to catch the pollen within it. These filters can be purchased online, in home improvement stores and in retail locations. They are useful only until they have been filled at which point you are not even generally circulating air. The best idea is to make sure that you are changing these filters out about every other month if using the air purifier constantly.

You will be able to buy air purifiers which use these kinds of filters ranging from $300 to $800. The effectiveness of the purifier will be determined by the ability to circulate the air and trap the pollen.