How to Take Care of Dentures

Important Steps When Caring For Your Dentures

Taking proper care of dentures is important in order to keep them looking attractive and functioning normally. Neglecting denture care could lead to infections, gum pain and even damage to the artificial teeth. It takes a little effort to ensure the dentures remain in good shape. Here are a few important steps when caring for your dentures.

How to Take Care of Dentures

Treat Your Dentures With Great Care

The first step is to always treat your dentures with great care. You want to handle them as gently as possible at all times. Sit down when taking them in or out since dropping the dentures could cause permanent damage. Have somewhere isolated and safe to keep the dentures overnight. Additionally, getting a denture storage container can be very helpful.

Always Rinse After Eating

Taking proper care of your dentures involves removing and rinsing them after you eat a large meal. You want to rinse the dentures under warm water to wash away all the food debris and bacteria. You should rinse your mouth out at this time as well so that you do not redeposit debris or bacteria back onto the dentures.

Brush Your Dentures Each Day

You will want to brush your dentures each day usually before going to bed. Use a soft brush and a special denture cleaner. Toothpaste and other substances are actually abrasive enough to damage your dentures over time. Scrub every gap and surface of the dentures including where they contact your gums. This will help you to maintain excellent oral hygiene.

Soak In a Solution at Night

Another part of proper care for dentures is soaking them in a solution overnight. Your dentures should not be allowed to dry out since they could be damaged or weakened. Get a mild denture soaking solution and mix it with water. Put the dentures in the solution immediately after brushing them. Remember to rinse the dentures off in the morning since they will be coated with the soaking solution.

See Your Dentist Annually

A final way to take care of your dentures and your oral health is to see your dentist annually. This should be part of every senior health routine. A dentist will look at the dentures to see if there are any problems. The dentist will also check your gums for problems. This is important since small issues with your gums or the dentures could cause serious problems that affect your health. Never skip an annual dental checkup.