How to Avoid Injury While Exercising

Tips That Will Help Seniors Prevent Injuries While Working Out

An important part of senior health is getting enough exercise every day although you have to be careful about injuries. There are many ways a senior could be injured even while doing relatively light workouts. Here are some tips to help seniors prevent injuries while working out.

How to Avoid Injury While Exercising

Stretch and Start Slowly

The first tip is that you need to stretch before you start working out. Go slowly and stretch to warm up your muscles. Do this for around 10 to 15 minutes. Start your exercise routine slowly. Begin with low-impact and simple moves that do not stress your body too much. This will prevent many muscle and joint injuries.

Do Exercises That Involve the Center of the Body

You want to choose a workout routine that focuses mainly on the center of your body. These are your core muscles. You want to work this area for maximum fitness. It also helps to prevent injuries because your weight will be largely balanced so that no single limb, bone or muscle group is overtaxed. You have less of a chance of falling with these routines.

Have Something to Grab Nearby

Some workout routines could have you performing moves that set you slightly off-balance. Falling can lead to serious injuries for seniors. Injury prevention requires that you have something to grab nearby the entire time you are working out. This could be a wall, a railing or even a sturdy chair. Have this item at arm’s length so that you can grab it fast if you feel unbalanced.

Wear the Right Shoes and Clothes

Aging causes your body and bones to change slightly. You need more support to stay safe while working out. You should wear the right shoes and clothes during your routines. The shoes should provide excellent support and must be comfortable. Wear lightweight clothes that are loose but not hanging down so much that they might become caught while you are moving.

Consider Using an Instructor

If you are having difficulty working out alone, then consider using a fitness instructor. You could have a private instructor or take part in a larger class. The instructor will have good knowledge of senior health. The professional will be able to guide you through workout routines safely and watch for things that could injure your body.

Always Listen To Your Body

A final tip for injury prevention is to always listen to your body. You should be aware how aging is affecting your strength and range of motion. If you start to feel pain or have strange sensations, then stop working out right away and relax. Do not push yourself too hard.