How Seniors Can Prevent Cold and Flu

Cold and Flu Prevention Tips for Seniors

No one likes to get sick with a cold or flu. However, those pesky ailments are quite common. Usually, with some rest and fluids, you’re feeling better soon enough. However, when it comes to senior health, dangers of the flu and colds can be far more serious. One reason for this is that older adults usually have weaker immune systems. When they get a cold or flu, worse issues like bronchitis or pneumonia may develop. Follow these cold and flu prevention tips for seniors to increase your odds of staying healthy.

How Seniors Can Prevent Cold and Flu

Practice Prevention

When it comes to the aging population, prevention is key to staying healthy during cold and flu season. One of the best things you can do to keep illness at bay is to build up your immune system. Developing good sleeping and eating habits can do wonders for maintaining a healthy immune system. It’s also important to control stress and drink plenty of water. Taking precautions such as washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces can also help to prevent you from getting sick. Getting a flu shot and B12 shots can also help.

Look for Worsening Symptoms

If you should get the cold or flu, maintain vigilant monitoring of your symptoms. Look for signs that you could be developing a more serious issue such as pneumonia. Should you experience chest pain, shortness of breath, severe vomiting or confusion, it is imperative that you or a care giver contact your physician. Quick action can shorten the illness and increase the chances of improved recovery.

Keep Your Distance

If you’re a social person, these final suggestions may be difficult. However, one way to avoid cold and flu germs is to keep your distance from people who are likely to be sick. Children are notorious for spreading common germs. Take extra precautions when spending time with kids. Also, avoiding crowded places can reduce your risk of getting sick. In large crowds, you never know who may be carrying the illness. Finally, maintain a bit of a distance when talking to people or in a crowded elevator in order to avoid the spread of germs.

Keep these cold and flu prevention tips in mind in order to stay healthy. With aging comes new practices related to senior health.