How Men Can Deal with an Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder for men is a condition marked by a frequent need to urinate, as well as inadvertent urine discharge and incontinence, throughout the day. It is far more a common ailment in men than one might imagine. Although it is reported that 33 million Americans suffer from this condition, this might actually be under-reported due to embarrassment or misunderstandings of this condition.

How Men Can Deal with an Overactive Bladder

Overactive bladder is primarily caused by an enlarged prostrate gland — a gland found only in men. However, there are a wide variety of other causes due to external and internal factors, physical and psychological. Overactive bladder might be the associated with a new medication or an excessive intake of liquids. Alternatively, it can be the result of severe stress, neurological impairment such as Parkinson’s disease, or bladder stones. Thus, if a man suspects he might be suffering from overactive bladder, it is well-advised he keeps a diary to help monitor and trace down the cause of these symptoms.

Treatment is highly contingent on the root source of overactive bladder. There are muscle relaxants called alpha blockers that specifically target the nerves in the bladder area, allowing greater control of the bladder discharge.

Additionally, there are exercises that a man can do to increase his self-control over his urination timing. If not preventing the need for frequent urination, at least they give him the internal tools to mitigate the timing to be most opportune. While it might be initially embarrassing, absorbent pads might be worn as well to give the man the confidence to engage in, rather than avoid, a variety of life experiences that risk a sudden onset of the urge to urinate.

More involved treatments include an electric ‘pacemaker’ of sorts, which can help automatically regulate the nervous system’s control of bladder functions. Finally, surgery or surgical techniques could be considered a last resort, especially if tied to urinary stones or enlarged prostrate.

Overactive bladder in men, while not life-threatening, can be a physically and emotionally challenging condition. However, with some degree of vigilant observation, a man can take avail of the wide variety of causes, and a number of treatments, that can reduce the severity of overactive bladder and its impact in the man’s life.