Heart Health Tips That Every Senior Should Know

It is important to pay attention to the health of your heart as you are aging. You will have to start doing increasingly more in order to keep you heart healthy in your later years. Here are several hearth health tips that every senior should know.

Heart Health Tips That Every Senior Should Know

Eat the Right Foods

The diet that you eat has a major impact on the health of your heart. You need to eat the right foods to reduce bad cholesterol and give your body the nutrients necessary to fight heart disease. Eat balanced meals with plenty of fresh vegetables. Include nuts, whole grains and legumes. Cut down or eliminate salt. Focus on getting more plant sterols and omega-3 fatty acids. A good diet can make all the difference.

Be Active Each Day

You need to be active each day in order to maintain the strength of your heart. Exercise is something that can positively affect many parts of senior health. Try to do some light to moderate activity for at least 30 minutes each day. You can do a more intense workout three or four times a week if you want to really have a healthy heart.

Avoid Smoking and Second-Hand Smoke

A good piece of advice to protect your heart is to avoid smoking at all costs. If you are smoking, then quit. Do not spend long hours in rooms that are full of second-hand smoke. The smoke and tobacco damages your body. It destroys your lungs and weakens your heart. Stay away from cigarettes of all types.

Find Time to Relax

Something that can do serious damage to your heart as you are aging is stress. You need to find time to relax every day. Do not let the stress of family disputes, work or other issues tear at you all day long. Find a way to let the stress go so that you feel relaxed and refreshed. This will help your heart over time.

Get a Checkup Regularly

Another good piece of advice is to get a checkup regularly. Doctors can find and address small problems with your heart before they become life-changing issues. A doctor can also tell you whether your diet and exercise routines are working in your favor. See a doctor at least once a year for a checkup.

Sleep Seven or More Hours A Night

People who do not sleep enough tend to have high blood pressure. This can damage your heart over time. Make certain that you get at least seven hours of solid sleep every night. Do not skip this step. Sleep allows your body to reset and repair itself.