Exercise Ideas for Seniors

Exercises That Seniors Can Start Doing Today to Stay Fit and Healthy

A critical component of maintaining good senior health is exercising regularly and in the right way. Seniors cannot always follow intense workout routines or spend hours in a gym each day. Here are a few basic work out ideas that seniors can start using today.

Exercise Ideas for Seniors

Water Aerobics

One of the best ideas for senior fitness is taking part in water aerobics. You can do these exercises individually or as part of a class. Having your body in the water helps since it relieves pressure on your joins and bones. This makes all water aerobics low-impact so that you are not injured.

Chair or Toe Stands

Exercises that help with balance are good for the general health of seniors. Chair or toe stands do this. A chair stand involves sitting in a chair with your back straight up and legs bent at 90-degree angle. Extend your arms directly forward. Stand up while like this without using your arms. If this is too difficult, then stand behind the back of a chair, gently put your fingers on the chair and rise up on your toes for 15 seconds. These both build balance.

Head Floats

Head floats help to strengthen your core muscles and your back to some extent. Core muscles are important for senior health. Lay flat on your back with your hands behind your head and your knees bent. Flex the muscles inside your pelvis. Slowly roll your head, neck and shoulders upwards until your head is a few inches off the ground. Hold this position for five seconds and then slowly return to the ground.

Use Resistance Bands

One of the most effective work out ideas for seniors is using resistance bands. These bands are low-impact and can be used almost anywhere. Use the bands to do sets of arm curls while you are sitting or watching television. Hold the ends of the bands and slowly push out from the center with your foot to build leg muscles. You can stretch the band over your head to work your triceps and back. Resistance bands are incredibly useful for seniors.

Go For a Nice Walk

If all of the other work out ideas seem too taxing, then just go for a nice walk. A 30 to 45 minute walk every day will burn calories, strengthen your heart and could lead to weight loss if you are watching your diet. You do not even have to walk that fast. Walking is a low-impact exercise that requires no special knowledge or equipment.