Curing Asthma Naturally

Those who suffer from asthma will experience problems including difficulty in breathing. This is because of the air passageway closing up and restricting the ability to breathe in oxygen. It can cause the patient to feel dizzy, possibly pass out as well as causing problems in which the individual will not be able to function properly.

Curing Asthma Naturally

Many who suffer from asthma have reactions to certain situations in which they are in a high stress environment, they have overexerted themselves or they have been exposed to certain elements which affect their lungs. The reaction tends to be sudden and long lasting if not immediately encountered with an inhaler.

There are many who would rather not use the inhaler every time that they are having a reaction. Taking medication is useful in controlling the problem, but this is not something which many people enjoy doing due to personal beliefs. There are natural ways in which you will be able to alleviate the reaction you are having to asthma.

Breathing Techniques – Getting started with some easy breathing techniques is possible by going to some tantric yoga classes. These help in teaching you breathing methods such as pranayama and buteyko. You will learn how to control your breathing so that you will be able to slow your breathing down before hyperventilation can occur. This will help to calm an attack.

Holistic Methods – Getting a treatment which will circumvent even having the reaction in the first place is possible with something like acupuncture. This method of using pins to release energy from certain parts of your body has been proven effective in treating all kinds of illnesses including asthma.

Herbal Methods – Those looking to drink teas in order to feel as if they are actually doing something can try the herb Adhotoda. Also known as the Malabar Nut, this is ground up and made into a tea. Using this along with anise seed and asclepias tuberosa will help in alleviating problems with mucus, blocked air passageways and other common problems which are associated with asthma. This will help you to feel better without medication.