Finding the Right Contact Lenses

How to Pick the Right Contact Lenses

Whether you’re new to contact lenses or you already wear them, you should keep up with the latest brands. Technology is always improving. It’s worth making an investment in your eye health, especially if you suffer from astigmatism. The wrong pair of contact lenses could have you crawling back to your eyeglasses.

Finding the Right Contact Lenses

This guide will help you find the perfect contact lens, whether it’s online or in-store.

Buy Contact Lenses Online or In-Store

The first thing you should do is determine whether you want to purchase contact lenses online or in-store. Once you have spoken to your optometrist, find out which contact lenses may be the best solution for you. When you receive your contact lens prescription, you can focus on ordering contacts online.

There are many brands, so it might be difficult to make a final decision. Contact lens companies sometimes offer a free contact lens trial, so sign up with a few brands before settling on just one. You may also want to consider purchasing contact lenses at your doctor’s office. This also ensures that you are getting the right fit.

But online shopping can provide you with more freedom as the contact lenses are delivered right to your door. While most of them offer contact lenses from recognized brands, you want to make sure that you choose sources that are accredited and medically recognized. Generic eye contacts can further aggravate your eye problems.

Daily vs. Weekly Contacts

Now you need to consider if you want to replace your contacts on a daily or weekly basis. Daily contact lenses are disposable contacts that require no contact solution. Instead of squeezing that difficult contact solution onto your lens, you can wear a new pair every day. They can be worn once and thrown out at the end of the day.

Daily disposable contacts shouldn’t be confused with daily wear contacts. These are contact lenses that are ideal for overnight wear. However, you have to clean them and remove them before going to sleep at night. Wearing them overnight without cleaning them can increase your risk of getting an infection.

While your natural eye color is attractive, you may want to change it up with colored contacts. Colored contacts allow you to quickly change the color of your eyes and improve vision performance. Corrective lenses can also be worn to improve your vision without changing eye color. The most common corrective lenses treat astigmatism, hypermetropia, myopia, and presbyopia.

Consider Comfort

When ordering contacts online, you should consider comfort. Wearing contact lenses for the first time can lead to other problems, such as dry eyes. It’s imperative in getting the right fit so they feel more comfortable. You may also want to go from contact lenses to eyeglasses so you have the most comfort.

Purchase a Portable Kit

You should invest in contact lenses that are portable, especially if you travel a lot. A portable kit provides you with everything you need. Some brands offer kits in cute styles and color choices. Using a portable kit will help you feel better about wearing contacts. What’s even better is that some portable kits meet TSA standards.

Contact Lens Solution

You can’t buy contact lenses without the solution. Choosing the right solution is just as important. Not all solutions are made for all contact lens materials. It’s important to choose the right solution to maintain the quality of the lens and to prevent health problems.

Hydrogen peroxide is a common choice for contact lens wearers who suffer from allergies or dry eyes. It’s a multipurpose solution that’s safe enough to rinse your contact lenses with. Saline solution is another option since the main goal is to rinse and clean your contact lenses.

You may also want to use contact lens drops throughout the day, especially when wearing daily disposable contacts. Contact lens drops remove the dust and debris that could cause irritation and discomfort. You can use them repeatedly to hydrate and soothe your irritated eyes.