Battling Nicotine Addiction

Winning the War Against Nicotine Addiction

Smoking cessation is a war that can take many battles to successfully win. Often, a smoker’s first attempt will result in relapse. The important thing, however, is to continue efforts to defeat nicotine addiction, no matter how many times it takes. There are many stop smoking aids currently available today. Most of these products come with tips on quitting smoking.

Battling Nicotine Addiction

When you finally know the time has come to put down the cigarettes, or ditch another form of tobacco, it may feel overwhelming. But rest assured, you are not the only one fighting this battle. A vast network of support exists to help you kick your nicotine addiction for good.

The first step in successfully saying goodbye to tobacco is to recognize what triggers you to light up. For those who light up first thing in the AM, try to forego that morning cigarette for as long as you can. Skip the nicotine you usually use with your breakfast coffee. If you typically smoke while driving, leave your cigarettes back at home. If you tend to chimney smoke mindlessly, try to make getting a cigarette a deliberate act that you must think about first. For example, leave your pack of cigarettes far away, in another room, so that when you feel the urge, you have to get up and retrieve them each time you want to smoke. Breaking a recognizable pattern can be the best first step for the forthcoming battle.

For the second step, think before you light that cigarette. Reducing the number of cigarettes smoked per day won’t make quitting easy, but it will reduce the degree of withdrawal one may experience. Think of every cigarette not smoked as a minute of your life you have saved.

Next, find stop smoking aids that fit your specific smoking cessation needs. You can find appropriate substitutes, depending on where you would normally light up. There are choices that suit every situation.

  • Gum
  • Lollipops/Hard Candy
  • Low fat Snacks, Such as Popcorn
  • Fresh Fruit

For those looking to reduce nicotine slowly, new over the counter nicotine replacement products are available in many different forms. Flavors are varied, as well, from traditional menthol to more exotic selections, such as vanilla and cherry.

Nicotine replacement products are great for those seeking to avoid the more unpleasant side effects of smoking cessation. By ditching all of the poisonous chemicals inhaled in cigarette smoke, substituting a “cleaner” source of nicotine offers immediate benefit, particularly for the lungs. There are a variety of nicotine replacement products.

  • Patches
  • Gum
  • Handheld Inhalers
  • Lozenges

Each product has it’s own benefit. The nicotine inhaler, for example, is ideal for those for whom smoking is as much about the physicality of holding a cigarette as it is about the actual nicotine. The psychological addiction can be, for many smokers, even more powerful than the physical addiction to nicotine. For those who find themselves experiencing a sudden craving, nicotine gum and lozenges offer the best shot at kicking the habit. Still others prefer an even, all-day nicotine delivery system. For these tobacco users, the top option is the nicotine patch.

No matter which weapon you choose in the battle to kick a nicotine addiction, it is important to remember that it can take multiple attempts to kick tobacco for good. It is a physical and a psychological war. Tips on quitting smoking are abundantly available and having a close friend hold you accountable for every cigarette you smoke can also help. You can win this war. No matter how hard it feels, never concede defeat.