Alzheimer’s Symptoms and Signs

Those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease are suffering from more than just mere memory loss. It is normal to start losing memories as you get older. The kind of brain function that is deteriorating when you are suffering from Alzheimer’s includes symptoms which are impossible to ignore.

Alzheimer’s Symptoms and Signs

Cognitive Functions

One of the main Alzheimer’s symptoms that you will recognize is confusion. If they are confused often, it is because they are having trouble thinking about things in a cognitive manner. Problem solving is a big problem for those who suffer from this disease. They will have a hard time maintaining a stream of thought which will lead them from the problem through the steps which will lead to a solution.

The problem with linear thought is also recognizable in rambling talk which tends to jump from subject to subject. It is not that they are interested in talking about many different things. It is that they will forget entirely that they are talking about one thing and enter into a new line of conversation as it enters their mind. When asked to go back to what they were saying, they may have no recollection that they have ever said such a thing.


There are warning signs which you will be able to watch out for. Among these includes trying to do things which they are not supposed to do. Forgetting such things as that they are not able to boil water in a paper cup over a gas stove can lead you to be able to see that they are forgetting how things work around them.

Getting lost whenever outside of the home is another problem which can serve as a sign that you are dealing with someone who has Alzheimer’s. This is because they will not only forget where they live. They will lack the ability to create short term memories which will help them to remember which way they had walked to get where they are. The confusion may create combativeness in those who do not want to accept that they are suffering from a debilitating problem.