Addressing Your Particular Health Needs with Vitamin Supplementation

When searching for the best vitamins that will address your specific health concerns, you should first assess your current health profile help you to find supplements that will suit your particular needs. Not only is it important to understand vitamins and nutrients, but it is also important to understand how they can benefit you and your particular health concerns.

Addressing Your Particular Health Needs with Vitamin Supplementation

Vitamins are not “one-size fits all.”

As with any diet or nutrition plan, not all diets will work with everyone. This is exactly the same way with vitamins and supplements, as vitamins are not “one-size fits all” like many people seem to think. Many people will simply purchase a generic vitamin, and assume that they are receiving every necessary nutrient that will benefit their specific health concern.

Generic “all inclusive” vitamins are simply not enough.

Multivitamins offer a wide variety of nutrients within their ingredients, but often lack specific vitamins and minerals that are the most important to our health. For instance, most multivitamins lack the full required daily value of Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamin K. In addition, vitamin D is usually included within the vitamin in very small quantities – as the FDA states that the daily value is 400 IUs, which is a very low amount of vitamin D.

Create an individualized plan that will benefit you directly.

For these reasons, it is important to find which vitamins are best for you and your specific health concerns. When visiting health stores and seeking natural remedies for health problems, you should always base your purchase around your individual needs. As mentioned above, Calcium, Magnesium, and vitamin D are not included within vitamins in proper dosages, which would help specific health concerns (such as Diabetes). Another example is the very low amounts of vitamin K in vitamins, which would directly benefit disorders such as Anemia and blood clots. Not to mention, most multivitamins only include 50mg of vitamin C – which is the most important antioxidant within the entire vitamin group.

Create a plan, follow through with it, and enjoy the benefits.

Creating a personalized plan for your specific health needs will help you to determine which vitamins are best for your specific blood type and body style. By allowing your specific health concerns to be addressed through vitamin supplementation, you are able to feel better, live longer, and be the person that you were born to be.