6 Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Options You Should Know About

Cancer is a disease that millions are diagnosed with each year. While there is no cure for cancer, there are treatments that can force cancer into remission while maintaining your quality of life.

6 Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment Options You Should Know About

More newly diagnosed patients are undergoing such procedures to experience tremendous success. They’re living longer, healthier, fuller lives with fewer of the side effects associated with cancer.

To understand your cancer treatment options for yourself or someone close to you, some of the more popular cancer treatments have been listed below.

1. Surgery

Cancer is defined as a malignant growthofo cells in the body that the body’s own immune system cannot sufficiently stop from spreading. Surgery can diagnose, treat or even prevent cancer from occurring by removing a large portion of malignant and potentially malignant cells.

The advantage of surgery as a treatment option is that it often provides the most immediate success without potentially unwanted side effects. It is not always an applicable procedure for some types of cancer, as it can force healthy cells to be removed as well.

2. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy, also known as chemo, involves using medicine that specifically targets certain cells in the body.

While there is a great stigma associated with chemotherapy, the truth is that improvements have made chemotherapy work faster and with less collateral damage to the body. It’s the second most successful treatment when combined with surgery.

3. Radiation

High-energy particles are emitted during radiation to destroy cells that may be hiding deep within the body. The advantage of radiation is that it can destroy cancer while leaving other cells healthy or in a state where they can quickly repair themselves.

4. Immunotherapy

The immune system is one of the major mechanisms that prevents and forces cancer into remission. By boosting your body’s immune response, you can effectively help it to destroy cancer while leaving the rest of your body healthy.

Immunotherapy is growing in popularity. People with types of cancer considered untreatable by other treatment options have found success with it.

5. Lasers

Lasers offer a more precise way for surgeons to remove cancer or to destroy it completely. It’s been successfully used in some cancers such as prostate cancer to remove the malignant cells while allowing the patient to retain desirable functions of their body.

6. Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic drugs target certain cells much like in chemotherapy, but they stay inactive until they are turned on by certain wavelengths of light. This gives a greater degree of control over your cancer treatment, and can leave you feeling better after the treatment is performed.