5 Things to Try to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

5 Drug Alternatives to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

There are many alternative treatments available to help avoid possibly dangerous pharmaceuticals, such as something as simple as exercise, to help to heal erectile dysfunction. Today ED affects up to 52% of men and that number is rising. Men across the country are heading to the doctor to pick up a prescription that can have several side effects. The problems associated with these drugs can include headaches, body aches, digestive issues, vision changes, dizziness and even congestion. Before you make an appointment with your doctor, try a treatment that doesn’t involve taking a pill. Here are 5 things to try to treat erectile dysfunction.

5 Things to Try to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Watermelon Juice

This may sound like a silly idea but researchers are starting to point out watermelon juice as a natural Viagra. Watermelon juice contains an amino acid called citrulline which will ultimately help in dilating blood vessels. This is how most of the medications work to treat erectile dysfunction making watermelon that magic natural “drug”. Adding watermelon to your diet can be a simple strategy that can completely change your life and well-being.

Pelvic Exercises

These exercises are specific to targeting the pelvic floor. It makes up the muscles stretching from the tailbone to the pubic bone and it also supports the bladder and the bowel. Pelvic exercises strengthen the muscles around the penis and improve blood supply. This can lead to healing this common medical disorder. The great thing about pelvic exercises is that they can be done even while you are watching TV. What you do is contract your pelvic muscles, hold and then relax them. Work your way up to at least 18 contractions per day at 10 seconds a piece. Don’t forget to empty your bladder before you begin this routine.


It may seem ridiculous that having someone stick you with needles could positively aid in treating ED but studies have shown this to be a beneficial treatment in two thirds of men with psychogenic ED. Acupuncture treatment stimulates target areas which may be that nudge your body needs. This is a procedure that has been practiced for 2500 years and could even date back as far as 7000 years in Chinese culture, making this treatment one that has proven itself to be beneficial all through out history.


Many things cause erectile dysfunction from smoking, weight and alcohol but if anxiety or depression is what’s causing yours, counseling may be the best treatment. Stress, problems at work, insecurities in your relationship and other mental factors, can lead to this medical condition making therapy a great treatment before you reach for a pill bottle. It probably won’t work immediately, so stick it out through a series of sessions before you give up on it and also consider involving your partner because, after all, this is a problem which affects them as well as you.


As I mentioned earlier, carrying extra weight can be the root of your problem. In addition to weight, cardiovascular issues could also be the culprit. Adding a workout routine to your daily schedule could not only benefit your overall health, but also treat and cure your erectile dysfunction. Blood vessel restriction is the leading cause of erectile dysfunction and simple fitness strategies can help to get the blood flowing to every part of your body, including the parts we are focused on. Increased physical activity has shown to not only shown to once again create the ability to achieve an erection and keep it but also increase the frequency of them, enhance your orgasms and improve your overall sexual function.