5 Foods That Will Help Arthritis

5 Foods That Will Help With Pain Caused by Arthritis

If you’re suffering from arthritis, you’re probably not in a hurry to add to that growing list of medications. You’re probably wondering if there’s another option – something that you can feel a little better about. Look no further. You can easily help to treat arthritis with foods.

5 Foods That Will Help Arthritis


Fish are a fantastic way to help reduce inflammation and stiffness. They are filled with omega-3s, which helps stiffness in the morning and painful joints. Here’s a list of the ones that are higher in omega-3s.

Albacore tuna, Atlantic mackerel, anchovy, black cod, herring, lake trout, canned sardines, and salmon are all wonderful and delicious ways to get some omega-3s in your system.


Soy is a great way to help alleviate your OSTEOarhritis, although some speculate that it can make ‘gouty arthritis’ and rheumatoid arthritis worse. Be sure to check with your doctor about what type of arthritis you have, and don’t be afraid to ask if soy may be able to help – or might make it worse. This is definitely one of the trickier foods to help arthritis with, and you should definitely use your judgment with this one!


Don’t be put off by the word, as there are many healthy and beneficial oils out there! You can add them to your salads, lightly fry or bake your favorites in them, or just bite the bullet and take an appropriate amount by itself (usually a tablespoon or so per day, but do your research)!
Whatever way you decide to enjoy this yummy list, you’ll be hard pressed to not find at least one to fall in love with. Just be aware that some of these aren’t ideal for cooking. Be adventurous and have fun while you feel better!

Try adding grapeseed, olive, canola, walnut and avocado oils to your pantry. (Personal favorites are avocado and walnut – both of which are fantastic in salads)!


Cherries are a delicious way to help your body rid itself of free radicals that can lead to inflammation and joint pain. Not only are they a treat to eat, there are several fun and interesting recipes out there to help boost cherries’ natural effects. It’s hard to go wrong with cherries when it comes to fighting off joint pain.


Broccoli is another delicious and easy way to help ease your joint pains. It is thought that broccoli prevents enzymes that have been linked to joint destruction, reducing inflammation, and may even slow the progress of osteoarthritis. It doesn’t hurt that this is an easy veggie to add to salads, have as a side with fish, or enjoy as a quick snack by itself or with a little dip!

Whether you choose to pair a diet that focuses on reducing arthritis with medication or explore the wonderful world of food solo, you really can’t go wrong with these foods. Always consult with your doctor before you make big changes to your diet or stop or start any medication.