3 Ways to Increasing Fertility

Increase Fertility With Infertility Treatments and Dietary Changes

Nearly 25 percent of couples have fertility issues. Sometimes, the problem can be fixed with vitamins and healthy foods. When dietary changes do not fix the issue, couples can seek infertility treatments.

3 Ways to Increasing Fertility


A woman should check her basal body temperature every month. When a woman is ovulating, her basal body temperature is a few degrees higher. Her basal temperature decreases after ovulation. After collecting data for a few months, the woman can start looking for patterns.

Cervical fluid is an excellent fertility indicator. When a woman is ovulating, her cervical fluid will be thin and stretchy. The fluid will resemble a raw egg. When a woman is not ovulating, her cervical fluid will be white and thick.

A woman’s cervical position changes throughout her fertility cycle. The cervix prepares a hospitable environment for fertilization every month. When a woman is not fertile, her cervix will be firm and low. During ovulation, the cervix is high and soft.


Vitamin C can boost fertility. Men and women should increase their vitamin C intake. The vitamin can help men produce healthy sperm. Too much vitamin C can make a uterus inhospitable. The vitamin is found in supplements and citrus fruits.

Folic Acid can boost fertility and prevent birth defects. The nutrient is found in green leafy vegetables, and it is safe for men and women.

Vitamin B can boost fertility in men and women. The vitamin is found in beef and shellfish.


IVF is a popular fertility treatment. A fertility specialist performs the procedure in a controlled environment. An egg and a sperm are fertilized in a Petri dish. When the egg is fertilized, the specialist transfers the egg into the female patient.

ICSI is performed in a laboratory. The process is a male fertility treatment. A specialist washes the sperm before fertilizing the egg.

IUI is the least invasive fertility method. The man gives a fresh sperm sample. After the sperm is washed, the specialist injects the sperm directly into the female patient.

Once Pregnant

When the fertility treatments are successful, the woman can focus on having a healthy pregnancy. During the first trimester, the pregnant woman should rest and drink plenty of water.
After the first stage of pregnancy, the woman should start a yoga routine. The baby will undergo several changes in the second trimester, and the woman needs to be physically and psychologically prepared for the changes.

In the last trimester of pregnancy, the woman should avoid lifting heavy objects. In addition to staying healthy, the woman should continue to avoid tobacco and alcohol.

Eating healthy should always be a priority. A healthy diet can help a woman have a successful pregnancy. Healthy foods have antioxidants, and the nutrients can balance a woman’s pregnancy hormones.