3 Natural Back Pain Treatments

Therapeutic Treatments for Back Pain

Several medications can relieve back pain, but most medications mask the symptoms of an underlying problem. You might still have acute or chronic back pain after taking medication. Medications can relieve back pain, but most medications have dangerous side effects. When you use alternative medicine, you do not have to deal with harmful side effects. Fortunately, there are several therapeutic treatments for back pain.

3 Natural Back Pain Treatments

Back Pain

Almost 80 percent of people deal with back pain for at least a few hours or longer. Some people have chronic back pain for months.

The back has several components, and an injury can cause back pain. The pain is classified as chronic or acute. Chronic pain lasts longer than three months. Acute pain can occur after a serious injury.

Degenerative disc disease can cause chronic back pain.


The most common cause of back pain is improper lifting. A back injury can cause a herniated disc and pinched nerves.

The Alexander Technique can improve your balance and coordination. The technique can be used during any activity, and it can help you relieve unnecessary tension. The Alexander technique does not consist of any particular exercise. The technique can help you find balance in your joints and muscles.

Arrows were used in ancient acupuncture. The punctures had therapeutic effects, and many soldiers treated wounds with the ancient technique. Acupuncture can balance your energy. When your energy is not balanced, your nerves will send pain signals to your brain.


Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. Marjoram oil can relieve muscle tension. The oil can also reduce inflammation, and it is a natural treatment for arthritis.
Basil oil can loosen tense muscles. It can also relieve stress and mental fatigue. The oil should be massaged into the neck and lower back.

Eucalyptus oil has anti-inflammatory qualities. The oil can relieve aching and stiff muscles.


Physical therapy is a common natural treatment for back pain. The therapy can include stretching, exercises and massages.

Physical therapy can increase mobility. Stretching can also increase mobility, and a massage can relieve sore muscles. Exercise can increase dexterity.

Millions of people practice yoga on a regular basis. There are hundreds of yoga poses. The relaxation technique can heal your mind. Yoga is also a popular natural back pain treatment. Yoga can relieve back pain, and it can improve your posture.

If you cannot find an alternative treatment that relieves your symptoms immediately, you should make an appointment with a naturopathic doctor. A naturopathic doctor can relieve back pain with acupuncture. A naturopathic doctor can also use a combination of alternative healing techniques. Living with back pain can be physically and mentally draining. You can heal yourself with alternative medicine.