10 Ways to Manage Arthritis Foot Pain

Foot pain is fairly common for those who have arthritis. This is because the disease tends to like to show up more in the extremities than in any other part of the body. Those who are feeling pain in their feel will be able to go through a few different methods in which they will be able to get the help that they will need to remove the pain. Here are 10 ways you can do that:

10 Ways to Manage Arthritis Foot Pain
  1. Physical Therapy – There are different exercises that you will be able to go through which will help you to get rid of the pain. Therapists will help you to go through these.
  2. Knee and Foot Supports – Getting support for your feet will help in redistributing the weight to other parts of the body. This will take pressure off of the feet.
  3. Pain Medication – Getting the help for pain through medication can be purchased from any pharmacy or drug store.
  4. Exercises – Certain exercises will allow you to be able to strengthen the joints in the feet. This will help you to feel even less pain.
  5. Better Footwear – The kind of footwear that you are using will either give you the right amount of support or will help in restricting the movement of your feet.
  6. Hot/Cold Therapy – Using alternating methods of hot and cold will help to alleviate swelling as well as getting rid of pain.
  7. Surgery – Surgical procedures are generally a last case scenarios and can be used in order to get rid of problems within the joints.
  8. Anti-Inflammatories – Certain medications and creams include agents which will cut swelling. This will help in alleviating pain.
  9. Glucosamine – Adding to the material within the joints which cushions the joints will help you to be able to feel less pain. This can be taken orally.
  10.  Weight Loss – Losing weight will help to remove strain and pressure from the feet. Using certain exercises will help you to lose weight as well as strengthening the joints in the body so that you will feel less pain.